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While most automatic Airsoft weapons have an electric motor, some use CO2 gas to fire the… Airsoft guns are not characterized as a toy gun but are actually a type of pellet gun. Many different types of airsoft guns exist, with each being more ideal for different situations. Instead of gunpowder and bullets, they use compressed air to fire round, plastic pellets called BBs. A tactical game using these guns has become popular worldwide since it first began in Japan in the 1980s. Airsoft guns shoot small pellets at a very fast speed.

The speed, in FPS, of airsoft is also usually higher (between 300fps and 400fps). It can be as low as 120fps, but that isn't very efficient in an airsoft game. Airsoft pellets are too small to see at a high-speed, and dodging is basically out of the question. If there are two very competitive people playing, and they keep getting hit, one or the other can't really prove it, unless they are close enough up to see the pellet hit the person. Airsoft relies on the honesty system, and sometimes that isn't enough.

The airsoft forums usually have a category for airsoft fields. An airsoft revolver can be your primary weapon or a back up weapon, but what ever its purpose choosing the best airsoft revolver for you is very important. Spring pistols are usually cheaper than gas powered pistols, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If the gun is only $9.99, it might last for a day of playing and it probably isn't going to give you the power you are after.

Do not choose an airsoft pistol just because it is aesthetically pleasing. It is nice to have a cool looking gun, but functionality is much more important, because if it can't shoot straight it is only good for Halloween. Whenever you for purchasing these Airsoft BB guns, you will find a variety of them in the market. You might find it difficult choosing one of them but expert advice can help you get the best piece.

The more complicated the inner mechanisms that fire the guns, usually the more expensive they become. The first category we will examine is the Automatic Electric Airsoft Gun or what is commonly referred to as the AEG. The motor turns the gears inside the gun, which in turn causes a piston to compress and release. The piston creates a blast of air that propels a 6mm plastic BB through the barrel of the gun.

Each gun has a different charge time for its battery and it is critical to charge the battery the recommend time to avoid it from going bad. As always it is also very important to use protective mask and gear when playing with an airsoft gun to avoid getting harmed. The only major difference between the guns is the projectiles used. Airsoft pistols shoot small 6mm BBs instead of bullets. The BB bullets are made of plastic. CYMA P.618 pistols are ideal for shooting competitions. Their modeling makes them very realistic and the plastic shell makes the P.618 very durable.

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